The New Zealand Latin Awards is an annual event to recognise and celebrate Latin Americans and their work and contribution in New Zealand.

The conditions to participate are very simple. You have to be residing partially or permanently in New Zealand (legally residing) and also have a background that supports your inscription/nomination. We open the inscriptions once a year. You can register your work/activity from the menu or home page.


This event is totally free for those who want to participate. However, we accept donations to support the production and development of this event.

You can find detailed information about our categories at

Once we receive your registration, our team/jury will check all the information provided by you right after the registration closing date. The jury will determine if you get nominated based on the information that you provided.

All participants must comply with the requirements established by Immigration New Zealand to legally operate their businesses and stay in the country. The evaluation committee will request this information from each of the nominees. Failure to meet this requirement will automatically put the nominee out of the competition.

All nominees determined by the jury, will get a notification and invitation to the ceremony by email.

Once the team/jury have made their decision about the nominees, we’ll announce and open the voting system on our website. Those who get the most votes on each category will be the winner. The voting system is open to the public. Every one can vote for their favourites nominees.