We are a society that walks every day towards self-complacency, nobody stops to look, share, debate or socialize. New Zealand Latin Awards wants to become the new reference for Latin American artists and creators, who create and build day by day, silently and often without support, the cultural bases of our Latin America in New Zealand lands.

We are less than 1% of the population of this country, but Latin culture resonates everywhere, like an incessant song of hope and joy. The NZLAs will be the platform to recognize new talents, entrepreneurs and artists. We want to be the water that irrigates those seeds that germinate so that the new generations remember those who have made history away from the great homeland, we will be the motivation in difficult times, we will be the root of a tree that gives us the fruits to continue feeling the pride to represent our countries abroad.

We want to be the meeting place; that Latin party where we meet those who create culture, that little piece of Latin America in Aotearoa. So never stop believing in your dreams because we love you.

Do not give up, please do not give in, even if the cold burns, although fear bites, even if the sun goes down, and the wind is silent, there is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your dreams. Because life is yours and your desire too, because every day is a new beginning, because this is the time and the best moment, because you are not alone, because I love you!

Mario Benedetti.

Team New Zealand Latin Awards